December 10, 2016

The party spends time trying to remember what all has happened up to this point. Everyone takes an alcohol break. God seems to be afraid of cats.

The group decides to go back and talk to the Plain Spider. It’s dead. No!! He seems to have been ripped to shreds and there is ice in the wounds. Seems like it might have been caused by that big Ice Minotaur… They ponder whether the elfy people they’re currently working for can take care of this problem. The Plain Spiders work in shifts, so a new one should be along sometime. The group wants to leave it a note that they didn’t kill it and that they’re looking into it. Then the Plain Spider remembers it is extraplanar, so it disappears and the problem is gone.

Absolom wants Anastasia to talk to the crazy bitch upstairs for an hour while she casts Greater Restoration and he casts Atonement. Hopefully this will cure her crazy. Anastasia is not pleased, but goes along. So that happens. She shrieks and runs to the corner and begins sobbing uncontrollably. Voran sneses her motive and she is sad. Anastasia comforts her. She looks at Anastasia, gasps, and flees the ice castle.

The party spends some time being gross sex-deprived males. John searches the seven alcoves leading to web-covered portals. The party goes down the first alcove. There are 10 Colossal beings wearing togas sitting on thrones who seem very bored. The party takes a minute to discuss the finer points of colossal vs. Colossal, and how to know things about different planes and what plane they’re on right now. Anastasia waves at them but they do not acknowledge it. She turns away from the group and shows them her breast. She hears a disinterested groan. John keeps trying to figure out the planes stuff. They are in the Hall of the Apathy Gods plane. No amount of talking to them garners anything but disinterested groans. John tries to fascinate them, but fails. The party gets a tuning fork attuned to this plane so they can come back later.

The second alcove has a large chamber with a beautiful, super-large man with hooks through his hands and bloodied wings. He seems to know us. Creepy. The party senses his motives. They ask him to what war he is referring. He realizes we are not who he thinks we are and starts asking where other people are with tridents and stuff. He is like an Archangel (but bigger, and… more) named Adrastael. They are on the Plane of Total Devastation. John spellcrafts him, and finds binding… but more. They apologize for not being able to help him, and they head back.

The third alcove has lots of trees and mushrooms. It’s beautiful and peaceful, but it feels like they’re being watched. They can’t figure out what plane they’re on. John flies above the trees and sees nothing but trees. When he came back down, six trees surrounding John turn toward him. The plane is the Council of Trees. Absolom talks to the trees. He and Shila are super excited. Elder Tree Number 2 asked Absolom (by name) what he was doing there. Anastasia asks a question and they know her too! The trees warn the party about the Drow and Svarth. Absolom takes a mushroom and uses it as a divining rod. Then they leave.

In the fourth alcove, there is a blast of blue light and utter coldness. It has a sapphire sun. They are on the plane of The Wasteland of the Blue Sun. The party takes 20 cold damage. The ice pillars seem familiar. The party takes a stone to use as a divining rod. Then they leave.

The fifth alcove smells like an opened tomb. There are lots of sarcophagi. They are in the Necropolis. The skeletons are of familiar, humanoid races. John and Absolom hear echoing steps. A figure made of black stones with the face of a mourning angel walks in carrying a sack. It is a Stone Golem. He tells the group that he was created 70,000 years ago to clean up after a war with The Dark. He’s like a less cheerful Wall-E. Absolom gets all metaphor-crazy. They leave.

In the sixth alcove, the party takes 20 fire damage. It seems like the bedroom of someone very bad. The 25 × 25 bed has a demonic dustruffle. They see Mezzaline, the Terror, chained to the wall. Absolom killed her before. They think the plane is Phlegethos. It is the fourth level of the nine Hells. There be fire. John talks to Mezzaline. She’s mad. She doesn’t like the Drow anymore, so she tells them good information about the Abyssal Altar – if this is destroyed, they win. She looks behind them and starts laughing. Initiative. Fierna, the Queen of the Fourth Circle, walks in the door. She looks at the portal and says, “huh.” Five Barb Devils appear. She does bludgeoning and fire damage, but no one takes the fire damage because Anastasia cast Resist Energy. Anastasia and Shila are panicked by her presence. The devils attack Voran. Voran smash back. Being Bard Devils, they smash again. The Bard Devils attack Anastasia and John. Absolom Dimension Doors everyone to the portal and Grapples Anastasia. John takes Shila and drags her out of the portal. Voran drags Absolom, and in effect, Anastasia through the portal. Then they wait. Fierna pokes her head through, and decides not to pursue them. Anastasia stops being panicked and heals everyone.

The last alcove is beautiful and has a lot of platforms and balconies. There are lots of machines housing living brains. One of the mechanical spiders attending the brain machines approaches the party. They are on Coax – where the Plain Spiders live. He asked the party what, where, and why. It tells them where the entrance to Noctillum is.

The party goes back to the Nexus to the swirliness below. They break the ice. They find a planar gate. We tell the Council what we learned about the machines at Svarth, the Abyssal Altar (Ragnarok knows), all the books, the dead half dragon and the locked-up half dragon, the Archangel guy and the names of the people going to get him, the Plain Spider dying and the one taking over, who will shepherd the ice beings outside, the portal to Fierna’s bedroom, the tenebrium they brought back, the stupid-looking scythe, etc. WE FORGOT TOT GO BACK TO THE HALL OF THE APATHY GODS! We have to go back with the divining rod!! The council sends us to Noctillus.

Good night!



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